For the people of Hawaii, the ocean is our life. We wake before sunrise to surf and we free-dive after work for dinner. The rhythm of the tides and the phases of the moon control what we do and when we do it. We know Kona winds mean rain and strong trades mean sun. You learn to trust your instincts and you have to trust your gear. Going out at the wrong time might be the last decision you make.

It is against this background of seductive chaos that Bathys Hawaii Watches were created. Our timepieces are made to handle every situation one might face - towering surf, constant saltwater exposure, jagged lava, and remote locations where rescue is simply impossible. With just steel, brass, sapphire, and leather we build watches that you can trust your life with and that will last for decades. Style is absolutely secondary.

Hawaii is a great place to "get away from it all", but you better be able to deal with it.


Despite what you may have heard on the internet, our watches do NOT come with a rainbow included. You must seek them out for yourself.

Watchmaking is personal for us. We produce small numbers of timepieces each year. Over 70% of our business is from repeat customers - so we know their names.

Although there are many small watch brands out there, few have achieved the level of quality seen in our timepieces.