Oh yeah, that's right, we've got an all new website. Our old website kinda got well, OLD - it was beginning to smell funny. Please come on in, have a look around and check out this fresh new site. But leave your slippahs at the door.

This new website is a breeze to update and makes it easy add content. We've made it to be welcoming to people who never have heard of Bathys Hawaii and the old-timers who've been with us from the start. Along the top you've got access to the different main pages, and along the bottom you'll see my latest (or greatest) photos from Instagram. If you click on one, you'll be taken to my Instagram page - please follow me if you feel so inclined; I'll try and make it something besides only watch pictures. Hawaii is such a place of amazing beauty that I'd love to share it with you.

This new website also makes it simple to see what models we have available today, and will keep you posted on what we have coming down the pipe. Be sure to add yourself to our mailing list (link?) if you haven't done so already - you'll find that I hate sending out updates more than every month or so because the only kind of Spam® I like is on a musubi.

And our web designer made this page especially for me to edit so I can speak my mind freely..maybe even rant a little bit. Here you'll see me post stuff I think is insightful, but that's up for debate. At least it's a chance to hear from someone involved in the Swiss watch industry without the content being filtered and made as authentic as canned pineapple. Please don't buy canned pineapple OK?