One of the goals of Bathys Hawaii is to cut through the hype and marketing BS that so dominates the world of luxury watches. People are tired of being shown fake branding. Here on Kauai no one "aspires" to drive a fancy German-made car, nor to wear the latest fashions - our way is more chill, more subtle. You might think it comes from the abundance of natural beauty, and maybe that's part of it. But primarily it comes from the 'kipuna' - the elders here on our island that work hard to keep the culture the way it has been for generations. The kipuna teach us not to let pride rule our lives; and not to hold oneself above another. How much money you make or how highly-educated you are need to stay in the background - you can offend people by seeming to act superior. Kauai has been a place where many different cultures have co-existed in harmony for at least 150 years: Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Caucasian, Okinawan, and of course native Hawaiians - we all live here and get along pretty damn well. No doubt this culture of humility has played an important role.

The teachings of the kipuna affect how I run Bathys Hawaii. Some companies would market a Hawaii-based company with images of babes in bikinis, lounging on speedboats, dudes drinking Hennessy - but no one does that on Kauai. No one. I can assure you we've got plenty of girls in bikinis; and we've got boats, but they're fishing boats; and we drink - but it's not Hennessy. If you had a speedboat full of girls in bikinis and were cruising around Hanalei Bay, everyone would instantly write you off as a clown.

My point is: here you not only want to be authentic - you HAVE to be authentic. I see my customers pretty much every day. If the watch they spent their hard-earned cash on wasn't legit, they'd definitely mention it to me in the line at the grocery store. So instead of wasting time and money creating 'aspirational' images, we just use photos of our friends or sent in by our customers. For example, in the photo above, that's not a male model posing in a fighter jet that's sitting in a museum somewhere - that's USN Lt. William Gum flying a sortie in his F18 Hornet over Afghanistan. He sent that in because he loves his watch. (And I love the way if you look into the reflection of his goggles all you see is the HUD screen and the sky).

So if our website seems real, that's because it is. If Bathys Hawaii customers seem to genuinely love their watches, it's because they do. And even though we may never become a huge brand, I can be sure that I at least stayed true to my culture and beliefs. To me that matters more than money.


John Patterson, Owner