If you've followed the brand for a while, you know I hate hype. When I walk around the Baselworld Fair and see all the giant images of watches (every single one with a sports car and a supermodel - saying something about "precision" or "power") - I get depressed. On some level I realize you're supposed to make your product sexy and "aspirational" - but that's just not my style. It seems like bullshit to me.

What makes a watch special is intrinsic, not imposed. It comes from what's inside that small metal case; not from a global advertising campaign. Quality comes from how many hands and eyes went over each component, how it was tested, how it was finished, and the materials used. For us, that's the fineness of the case brushing; the smoothness of the dial ink; the alignment of the bezel, hands and indices; all these little things are exactly what transform an ordinary watch into an extraordinary timepiece. Furthermore we do quality checks before we assemble, after we assemble, and for days after that. That's how we are sure we got it right. And that's what our customers can feel when they wear a Bathys Hawaii watch.

So despite what some guys in Silicon Valley might think, you can't just add quality through marketing. Like many things in life, it's the human touch that makes it special.

Aloha, John Patterson

Owner Bathys Hawaii