I'm John Patterson and I'm the owner, founder, and the guy who sweeps up here at Bathys Hawaii. I started the brand in 2005 with a small loan and dreams of being a big fancy watch brand one day. I saw an opportunity to build watches that hold up in the tough conditions of Hawaii and that were assembled by the skilled watchmakers of Switzerland. My goal was to compete with the billion-dollar Swiss brands by offering better value, personal service and true exclusivity by making small production runs of less than 500 pieces. I think I succeeded, except now I realize that Bathys Hawaii will never be a "big fancy brand" - and that's OK.

In fact while I was working to make the company bigger, the world changed - people began to appreciate "small" - they began to appreciate that there was an actual human being behind the scenes working to ensure things were done right. 

Since day one, I thought about how I wanted to be treated, with consideration, with a personal touch, or as we say in Hawaii, with ALOHA.

So this is what I do.